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Recruit and Retain Dedicated Deputies - This is a challenge for all law enforcement agencies and especially Edgefield County. The population growth of Edgefield County creates additional service demands and the number of needed deputies increases in proportion to this growth. Working with county government, we offer an improved salary and benefits package to attract deputies. My efforts are focused on providing leadership, career advancement and a workplace of professional, dedicated and trustworthy deputies.

Raise the Bar – Training, Patrol, and Investigation – A continued goal for the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office is to seek the next level of professionalism, delivery of services, and taking to trial/conviction the criminals that dare to commit crime in Edgefield County. We have improved tremendously from 2020 but my message is WE CAN BE BETTER.

Training – We must train in all areas of law enforcement. Criminal activity is in every form, and we need to be prepared in enforcement tactics, skilled in using equipment, tactical driving and meeting the physical demands of the job. A dedicated and sustained training program multiplies its benefits with a comprehensive knowledge base for all deputies, vital team preparedness in critical situations, and can direct the individual’s pace of professional growth and advancement.

Road Patrol and Investigations – Keeping a vigilant eye on the homes, businesses, and roads of Edgefield County is key to deter criminal activity. Active road and neighborhood patrols have proven to be very successful over the past four years to reduce aggressive driving speeds and provide a knowledge base for deputies to recognize suspicious roadway and neighborhood activities. This information provides details and direction to Investigations to focus on potential criminal activity. Our patrol demands will continue to increase as new homes and families move to the county.

Technology and Equipment - Advancing technologies in communication systems, in-vehicle computers and networks with nation-wide law enforcement agencies are essential to improving investigations and winning in court. Identifying, sourcing, and using these advanced technologies and equipment is vital. The equipment used by our deputies –non-lethal and lethal weapons, body cameras, bullet proof vests, drug testing equipment, radios and vehicles must be the best quality we can obtain to best serve you each day. In the past four years, an identifiable Sheriff’s Office uniform has been established, our fleet of vehicles is new and equipped to handle the demands of service. The communications network and equipment have improved and upgrades to the towers and mobile radio abilities will be completed soon. These service improvements will extend to every First Responder in Edgefield County.

Law Enforcement Center - The working relationship between Edgefield County Council and the Sheriff’s Office has achieved numerous successes in the past four years. The new Law Enforcement Center under construction will provide centralized law enforcement, court and detention and jail services. Completion of construction is expected to be late 2024.

Efficient Use of Taxpayers’ Dollars - Vehicle Fleet - New vehicle leasing options available to law enforcement allowed us to lease new vehicles designed and built for the heavy workload of law enforcement duty and replaced a fleet that was no longer patrol worthy.

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